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How To Post An Advertisement on TradeRole?

Sign In

  1. 1. Click on "Sign In," which is located at the top of the TradeRole page.
  2. 2. Log into your TradeRole account.
  3. 3. Click on "Post Ad," which is located at the top of the TradeRole page.
  4. 4. Select the section and the sub-section in which your advertisement fits.
  5. 5. Add the desired title that best describe your advertisement.
  6. 6. Add the details to your advertisement in the additional fields.
  7. 7. Select your location by State and City from the dropdown menus.
  8. 8. Add any contact details you would like listed.
  9. 9. Select your desired purpose and type from the dropdown menus.
  10. 10. Tick the response radio button of your choice.
  11. 11. Upload any images or video that you would like to add to your advertisement.
  12. 12. Click "Submit."

How To Search An Advertisement on TradeRole?

✅ Use the search field. Enter the category of the item into the search box and the site will give a list of items in the state or city matching said category. You may then browse the items and make contact through the means provided within the advertisement.

✅ You may also make an advanced search through a number of categories using the dropdown menu to the left to narrow down the search more than with the use of the general search box.

Buy Safely on TradeRole

✅ The safety of our users is of the utmost important to us.The guidelines listed below may give you some basic principles that when applied will help you stay safe while using our service.

  • ❖ Be wary of goods that seem overly cheap.
  • ❖ Use cash or bank drafts to avoid providing credit card information to those from whom you purchase items.
  • ❖ Never use money transfer services (e.g. Western Union)
  • ❖ Make deals with those you can meet in person.
  • ❖ Be conscious of the existence of forged goods that claim to be brands that they are not.
  • ❖ Get a receipt/proof of purchase from any transaction.
  • ❖ Ask for a landline number to best ensure that you will be able to contact the seller with any issues.
  • ❖ Don't buy or sell items to any person in a foreign country.
  • ❖ Nothing on the site is ever guaranteed, so don't trust someone claiming to guarantee you anything.
  • ❖ Do not accept a cheque from a foreign bank
  • ❖ If you're buying a vehicle:
    • ❖ Look the vehicle up in the Hire Purchase Register if possible to ensure that the vehicle is not under a hire purchase agreement;
    • ❖ Check out the vehicle's history with a vehicle history service if possible; and
    • ❖ Have a mechanic examine the vehicle before finalizing the transaction.

How To Report An Advertisement on TradeRole?

  1. ❶ Click "Report Ad" on the advertisement concerning you.
  2. ❷ Leave your email address so we can contact you.
  3. ❸ Give reasons why you are reporting the ad.
  4. ❹ Click "send."

How To Edit An Advertisement on TradeRole?

  1. ➀ Select "My ads" at the dropdown menus which is located at the top of the TradeRole page.
  2. ➁ Click "Edit" on the advertisement you wish to edit.
  3. ➂ Make any desired changes.
  4. ➃ Click "Update."

How Do Scammers Typically Work?

While there are many different ways that scammers will operate, here is a typical method:

  1. ✅ An interested party makes contact with you claiming to want to purchase the item you are selling.
  2. ✅ They offer you a cheque that is “mistakenly” for more money than your agreed price so the purchasing party requests that you send back the difference.
  3. ✅ You deposit the check in your account and send the money back to the purchaser.
  4. ✅ A few days later your bank figures out that the cheque was invalid in some way (e.g., forged, stolen, etc) and the amount is subtracted from your account.

Here is one typical method someone purporting to be a seller may operate a scam:

  1. ✅ An abroad purchaser posts an item for sale at a bargain price.
  2. ✅ The seller suggests a shipping company and insists that you pay through a money transfer company (e.g., Western Union).
  3. ✅ After TradeRole realizes that the scammer is using this method, it flags the advertisement and contacts all potential purchasers that contacted the seller.
  4. ✅ Seller sends out an email purporting to be TradeRole telling the potential purchaser that the advertisement was flagged by mistake and sends fake invoices from a TradeRole representative (TradeRole will NEVER send you invoices!).
  5. ✅ You send the money and you never receive the product.

How Do I Sell Items Safely?

TradeRole can be an excellent way to sell your goods if you follow some guidelines:

  • ❖ Don't deliver any goods without receiving full payment.
  • ❖ Never trust anyone that claims can put you in touch with buyers for a fee to be paid in advance.
  • ❖ Take cash whenever possible/practical, and use a bank draft for large amounts.
  • ❖ Never accept foreign cheques as payment.

Purchasing Live Animals

The following guidelines are suggested by TradeRole for anyone purchasing a live animal on the site:

  • ✅ Be sure that you can provide food and handle the necessary time commitment that comes with taking care of an animal.
  • ✅ Ensure that the animals are alert and healthy.
  • ✅ Agree to the purchase only if it will be final after a satisfactory check up with a veterinarian.

Why Can't I Reach the Other Party By Phone?

Trouble reaching the other party could be due to a number of reasons. Here are some possible issues:

  • ❖ The number is a foreign number. Try adding the country code to make the phone call.
  • ❖ The other party added a wrong number by mistake. Try contacting the party through email or report the advertisement to us and we will try and assist.
  • ❖ The party is trying to scam you. If you suspect it may be a scam, please contact us.

Why Was My Account Restricted For Safety?

TradeRole may temporarily disable your account from editing advertisements if we have reason to believe an unauthorized third party has access to your account. This third party may have sent emails from your account or edited advertisements. We will remove this restriction after four weeks. It is for your protection.

Why Was My Advertisement Removed/Replaced?

An unauthorized third party may have accessed your account and stolen your advertisement. Further, he or she may have access to your email and be manipulating your account.

Should this happen, you should immediately change your email password and ensure that TradeRole emails are not automatically forwarded to another account, as scammers typically set up.