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User Guide

The following are the general guidelines for advertisements on the Site, in addition to those contained in the User Agreement. iFlex Technologies shall determine, in its sole discretion, if any advertisements violate these guidelines and reserves the right to take any action necessary upon User committing any such violation.

Prohibited Items. The following items are not to be distributed on the Site, notwithstanding any other sections that expressly allow categories of such items, or such items with

• Pornographic items

• Unclassified films and unclassified computer games

• Adult services and products

• Illicit drugs, tobacco, and liquor

• Food

• Pet Food

• Pet Medication

• Pharmaceuticals

• Sports Supplements

• Weapons (including, but not limited to firearms, crossbows, knives, and swords)

• Ammunition

• Explosives/Fireworks

• Hazardous materials (e.g., chemicals, biological materials, radioactive materials)

• Human remains

• Deceased and preserved animals

• Animal products (e.g., eggs, ivory)

• Radar detectors and other prohibited speed measuring/evading products

• Surveillance equipment

• Satellite or cable descramblers

• Magnetic stripe/smart card programming devices

• Items referring to Nazism, the SS, or the Ku Klux Klan

• Authentic German or Japanese WWII objects

• Government-issued identifying articles

• False identification articles

• Government worker uniforms (e.g., law enforcement, emergency services)

• Security uniform

• Transportation uniform (e.g., pilot, stewardess, mass transit)

• Medical equipment

• Gaming/gambling machines

• Any transport tickets

• Boat moorings

• Products subject to a recall

• Vehicle identification plates

• Items that relate to a specific crime or crime generally

• Religiously or racially offensive items

• Second hand swimwear or lingerie

• Credit notes

Restricted Items. The following items are not prohibited but may carry some restrictions for any sales through the Site.

Tickets to events – The resale of tickets may or may not be prohibited by the event’s promoter or the laws of the jurisdiction. It is up to the User to determine if he or she may sell the ticket to any event through the Site. If it is prohibited by the laws or the jurisdiction, the promoter, or any other party with a legitimate interest in prohibiting the sale, then User may not sell the item on the Site.

Domestic animals – There are certain laws and regulations that cover the sale of domestic animals, to protect both the purchaser of the animal and the animal itself. It is User’s responsibility to determine if any laws or regulations apply to his or her sale and follow them.

Some regulations to consider: (i) registration of the animal; (ii) desexing of the animal; and (iii) prohibition on sick, diseased, or dangerous animals. Users may not sell any of the following dog breeds (or any dogs that are cross-breeds containing one of these breeds) through the Site: (i) Dingo; (ii) Dogo Argentino (Argentinean Mastiff); (iii) Fila Brasileiro; (iv) Presa Canario; (v) Japanese Tosa; (vi) American Pit Bull Terrier

Artwork – Any art to be sold through the site must meet the standards for vulgarity laid out in our User Agreement. All art must be appropriate to be viewed by a minor and may not contain any representation of frontal nudity, human genitalia, or a nipple. Furthermore, artwork to be sold on the Site may not depict any person that is under 18 years of age.